Initial Questions

On the eve of this presidential election year, I spent some time watching the debates organized to decide the nominee from the Republican Party. What struck me most about these debates was the attempt by the candidates to frame this election as being about the philosophy on which America was founded and about either preserving that philosophy, or fundamentally altering it. Whether the outcome of this particular election will be so consequential is anyone’s guess, but these attempts inspired me to examine and clarify my own political and economic views. Given the prevailing economic conditions, this election will likely be won by the candidate who can most effectively convince the voters that their economic vision offers the best path towards prosperity. However, the purpose of this blog is not so much to endorse the views of one candidate/party over the other (although I will endorse a candidate who best represents my views), as it is to independently determine answers to such questions as: What generates the wealth of a nation? Who are the job creators of this nation and why aren’t they rescuing us from this recession? What are the functions of the federal and state governments in this economy and what should their roles be? How does our government work, and how should it work? What is the role of America in the world? I feel that a deeper understanding of these and other issues will enable us to be more discerning about our choices and perhaps, even direct our elected representatives to more accurately execute our will.

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