The winning slogan

What a fascinating presidential election cycle this is! After voting for “Change We Can Believe In” in 2008, and “Forward” in 2012, what will Americans choose in 2016? Republicans will decide whether to “Make America Great Again”, make do with simply “Reigniting the Promise of America”, “Heal. Inspire. Revive”, skip 84 years and jump to “A New American Century” or realize “A Positive Vision for America”. Meanwhile, the Democrats, after selecting a young freshman senator to be their leader in 2008 have decided to crusade against ageism. After saying “Yes We Can!” 8 years ago, they will either finally get “Ready to Start a Political Revolution” with a 74 year-old man or look to a 69 year-old lady and say, meh… “I am with her”. The winners in the red and blue corners will then face off for the ultimate prize of “Leader of the Free World”. Let the games begin!

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